International Student Enrollment: Evidence-Driven Strategies

  • Rahul Choudaha
Keywords: International Student Mobility, International Student Enrollment, Data-driven Strategies, Campus Internationalization, Enrollment Management


Higher education institutions often underestimate the importance of research in deepening the understanding of international student decision-making processes and developing enrollment strategies. Institutions must recognize the complexity, criticality and volatility of international student decision-making processes, and should invest in developing data-driven international enrollment strategies by proactively assessing needs, behaviors, and profiles of international students during difference stages of application process.

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Rahul Choudaha

Rahul Choudaha is chief knowledge officer and Senior Director of Strategic Development at World Education Services in New York ( He is an international higher education strategist and blogs as

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Choudaha, R. (2015). International Student Enrollment: Evidence-Driven Strategies. International Higher Education, (79), 20-21.
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