Japan: The "Haves" are Gaining and the "Have-Nots" are Losing

  • Yoshiaki Obara
Keywords: Administration and Management, Financing and Funding, Private Higher Education and Privatization, Asia, Japan


Many Japanese private higher education institutions also face a risk of falling into the "losing group." It seems that small/rural colleges end up receiving less extra income from admissions over the tei-in (the quota for first-year students) level. This loss creates less scholarship money for capable students. The small/rural institutions are likely to lose prospective students as a negative cycle works against them. This tendency, in turn, augments the opportunities available to large, metropolitan higher education institutions. In Japan, a clear division is anticipated, with the larger institutions getting much larger and the smaller and rural ones getting much smaller. This is a hard fact that we will face in the foreseeable future.
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Obara, Y. (2009). Japan: The "Haves" are Gaining and the "Have-Nots" are Losing. International Higher Education, (57). https://doi.org/10.6017/ihe.2009.57.8455
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