Strategic Management of Brazilian Universities

  • Cibele Yahn de Andrade
  • José Roberto Rus Perez
Keywords: Academic Profession, Administration and Management, Comparative Studies, Governance, Organization and Leadership, Private Higher Education and Privatization, Public Higher Education, Academic Quality, Assessment and Accreditation, Brazil


In order to respond quickly and effectively to the urgency of increasing participation and improving overall quality, strategic planning is key to improvements in Brazilian higher education. Aiming to stimulate the development of a planning culture, in 2001 the federal government began to require that all higher education institutions prepare an Institutional Development Plan (PDI) in order to get approval for their courses and credentials. Yet there is no single formula applicable to Brazil given the diversity of the sector and the different goals and challenges of public and private institutions.
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Yahn de Andrade, C., & Rus Perez, J. R. (2011). Strategic Management of Brazilian Universities. International Higher Education, (63).
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