Building an Inclusive Community for International Students

  • Rachawan Wongtrirat
  • Ravi Ammigan
  • Adriana Pérez-Encinas
Keywords: International students, support services, co-curricular experience, extra-curricular activities


Many institutions of higher education have worked toward increasing international student enrollment with an ultimate goal of enhancing global perspectives and enriching the collegiate environment for the entire campus community. However, these increasing numbers often come without adequate consideration for how to serve and provide services that support an inclusive community for students. This article emphasizes the importance of international student support services and a positive international student co-curricular experience as essential for the successful creation of an inclusive institutional community.

Author Biographies

Rachawan Wongtrirat

Rachawan Wongtrirat is Assistant Director for International Education Initiatives in the Office of International Programs at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, US 

Ravi Ammigan

Ravi Ammigan is Director of the Office for International Students and Scholars at the University of Delaware, Newark, US 

Adriana Pérez-Encinas

Adriana Pérez-Encinas is a lecturer and researcher in higher education and business organizations at the School of Business and Economics, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain

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Wongtrirat, R., Ammigan, R., & Pérez-EncinasA. (2015). Building an Inclusive Community for International Students. International Higher Education, (83), 17-18.
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