India’s Emergence as a Regional Education Hub

  • Mona Khare
Keywords: Regional education hub, regional education cooperation and exchange, educational internationalization, academic leader, employability skills, India


India’s rising academic leadership in the South Asian region is largely seen as a fallout of its Liberalisation Policy and the formation of numerous regional cooperation blocks/groups/associations. India has widened its presence in the region through various modes such that it is no longer identified as just a North-South recipient nation of earlier times. The time is ripe when India can further consolidate its position as a regional education hub by way of systematic strategic planning.

Author Biography

Mona Khare

Mona Khare is Professor at the Centre for Policy Research in Higher Education and in the Department of Educational Planning, at the National University of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi, India. 

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Khare, M. (2015). India’s Emergence as a Regional Education Hub. International Higher Education, (83), 26-28.
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