Challenges of Student Mobility in Southeast Asia

  • Thu T Do
  • Duy N. Pham
Keywords: Challenges, Southeast Asia, Student Mobility


Southeast Asia has experienced a remarkable development of student mobility: A significantly increasing number of Southeast Asian students study abroad in western developed countries, and a gradually increasing number of international students from Southeast Asia, South Korea, China, India, and some western countries study in Southeast Asia. However, these countries also encounter several challenges to advancing these programs.

Author Biographies

Thu T Do

Thu T. Do is a doctoral student in higher education administration, Saint Louis University. 

Duy N. Pham

Duy N. Pham is a doctoral student in research, educational measurement and psychometrics, University of Massachusetts-Amherst. 

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Do, T. T., & Pham, D. N. (2016). Challenges of Student Mobility in Southeast Asia. International Higher Education, (84), 24-26.
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