How Much Autonomy Do International Branch Campuses Really Have?

  • Megan Clifford
  • Kevin Kinser
Keywords: International Branch Campus, Institutional Autonomy, Financial Autonomy, Academic Autonomy, Governance, China, UAE, Qatar, South Korea


The governments of several developing nations have used public funds to support International Branch Campuses (IBCs). These countries often have specific requirements and regulations that the IBCs must meet. As a result, some of the IBC’s most fundamental financial, academic and governance decisions are determined or heavily influenced by the host nation. These practices compromise the financial autonomy and academic autonomy of IBCs and threaten their sustainability and quality. 

Author Biographies

Megan Clifford

Megan Clifford is an independent consultant based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US. 

Kevin Kinser

Kevin Kinser is professor and head of the Department of Education Policy Studies at Pennsylvania State University, and codirector of the Cross-Border Edu- cation Research Team (C-BERT), US. 

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Clifford, M., & Kinser, K. (2016). How Much Autonomy Do International Branch Campuses Really Have?. International Higher Education, (87), 7-9.
Branch Campuses and Transnational Education