Higher Education and Myanmar's Economic and Democratic Development

  • Takao Kamibeppu
  • Roger Y. Chao, Jr.
Keywords: Myanmar higher education, governance, institutional autonomy, citizenship education, democratization


This article argues that higher education plays a key role in Myanmar’s sustainable economic development and democratic transition. Establishing legal frameworks, supporting the implementation of institutional autonomy, incorporating citizenship education, and making full use of the country’s ASEAN membership are recommended. 

Author Biographies

Takao Kamibeppu

Takao Kamibeppu is professor of international education development at Fukuyama City University, Hiroshima, Japan. 

Roger Y. Chao, Jr.
Roger Y. Chao Jr. is an independent higher education consultant, and was the former higher education consultant for UNESCO in Myanmar.
How to Cite
Kamibeppu, T., & Chao, Jr., R. Y. (2017). Higher Education and Myanmar’s Economic and Democratic Development. International Higher Education, (88), 19-20. https://doi.org/10.6017/ihe.2017.88.9688
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