Backlash Against “Others”

  • Gary Rhoades
Keywords: Right wing populism, internationalization, others, multiculturalism, class inequities


Right wing populist movements are challenging established political parties and institutions, including higher education.  The discourse and platforms of these movements are a nationalistic backlash against elites and “others” that are antithetical to all that universities at their best stand for.  But universities would do well to refocus on class-based inequities that also underlie this shift, in ways that rebalance the global and local.

Author Biography

Gary Rhoades

Gary Rhoades is professor and director of the Center for the Study
of Higher Education, University of Arizona, US.

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Rhoades, G. (2017). Backlash Against “Others”. International Higher Education, (89), 2-3.
The Crisis of Internationalization in the Age of Trump and Brexit