Information Technology and Libraries is overseen by the editor and editorial board and supported by a cohort of reviewers.


Ken Varnum, University of Michigan, United States

Assistant Editor

Marisha Kelly, Northcentral University, United States

Editorial Board Members

The editorial board shapes the direction and strategy for the journal and decides matters of policy. Members may also function as reviewers of articles.

Lori Ayre
Independent Technology Consultant, United States

Steve Bowers
TLN, United States

Kevin M Ford
Library of Congress, United States

Jon Goddard
North Shore Public Library, United States

Soo-yeon Hwang
Sam Houston State University, United States

Cinthya Ippoliti
Auraria Library, United States

Ida Arlene Joiner
Universal Academy, United States

Holli Kubly
Syracuse University, United States

Brady Lund
Emporia State University, United States

Michael P. Sauers, Do Space
United States

Paul Swanson
Minitex, United States

Laurie Willis
San Jose Public Library, United States


Reviewers' primary responsibility to the journal is to provide (double-blind) peer review of submitted articles. Reviewers are typically members of Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures, a division of the American Library Association. 

Cory Aitchison
Pepperdine University, United States

Kieren Bailey
Grande Prairie Regional College, United States

Allan Berry
University of Illinois at Chicago, United States

Kristin Calvert
Western Carolina University, United States

Joe Cera
University of California Berkeley, United States

Patrick "Tod" Colegrove
Carson City Library, United States

Bailey DeSimone
Law Library of Congress, United States

Melody Friedenthal
Worcester Public Library, United States

Meredith Goins
Oak Ridge Associated Universities, United States

Brighid Gonzales
Our Lady of the Lake University, United States

George Gottschalk
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, United States

Mary A. Guillory

Kathlene Hanson
California State University, Monterey Bay, United States

Shanna Hollich
Wilson College, United States

Dana Jemison
California Digital Library, United States

Katherine Jones
SUNY Oswego, United States

Jennie Knies
Penn State University, United States

Fen Lu
University of Texas at Arlington, United States

Courtney McDonald
University of Colorado Boulder, United States

Roe McKernan
Whatcom Community College, United States

Michael Moore
University of Washington, United States

Nick Olivieri
Syracuse University, United States

Carl Parham
South College, United States

Paul R. Pival
University of Calgary, Canada

François Renaville
University of Liège, Belgium

Jennifer AW Stubbs
New York University Shanghai, China

Katy Tucker
Xavier University, United States

Ryann Uden
Indian Trails Public Library District, United States

Harriet Wintermute
Iowa State University, United States