From Dreamweaver to Drupal: A University Library Website Case Study

  • Jesi Buell Colgate University Libraries
  • Mark Sandford Colgate University


In 2016, Colgate University Libraries began converting their static HTML website to the Drupal platform. This article outlines the process librarians used to complete this project using only in-house resources and minimal funding. For libraries and similar institutions considering the move to a content management system, this case study can provide a starting point and highlight important issues.

Author Biographies

Jesi Buell, Colgate University Libraries
Instructional Design & Web Librarian
Mark Sandford, Colgate University
Systems Librarian


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How to Cite
Buell, J., & Sandford, M. (2018). From Dreamweaver to Drupal: A University Library Website Case Study. Information Technology and Libraries, 37(2), 118-126.