Taking the Long Way Around: Improving the Display of HathiTrust Records in Primo


As with any shared format for serializing data, Primo’s PNX records have limits on the types of data which they pass along from the source records and into the Primo tool. As a result of these limitations, PNX records do not currently have a provision for harvesting and transferring rights information about HathiTrust holdings that the Kansas State University (KSU) Library system indexes through Primo. This created a problem, since Primo was defaulting to indicate that all HathiTrust materials were available to KSU Libraries (K-State Libraries) patrons, when only a limited portion of them actually were. This disconnect was infuriating some library users, and creating difficulties for the public services librarians. There was a library-wide discussion about removing HathiTrust holdings from Primo altogether, but it was decided that such a solution was an overreaction. As a consequence, the library IT department began a crash program to attempt to find a solution to the problem. The result was an application called hathiGenius.

Author Biographies

Jason Alden Bengtson, Kansas State University Libraries
Jason Bengtson is the Assistant Director, Library IT Services for Kansas State University Libraries. He oversees IT services and application development for K-State Libraries. An academic, full stack web developer, technologist, author, and manager, Jason has been published in a variety of Information Science journals and has presented in a wide variety of venues.
Jason Coleman, Kansas State University Libraries
Jason Coleman is the Head of Library User Services for Kansas State University Libraries. He oversees access and general reference services for K-State Libraries. Supervises seven employees. Provides reference and access services support.


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Bengtson, J. A., & Coleman, J. (2019). Taking the Long Way Around: Improving the Display of HathiTrust Records in Primo. Information Technology and Libraries, 38(1), 27-39. https://doi.org/10.6017/ital.v38i1.10574