On Educating Patrons On Privacy And Maximizing Library Resources


  • Thomas Lamanna Cherry Hill Public Library




Libraries are one of our most valuable institutions. They cater to people of all demographics and provide services to patrons they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. The list of services libraries provide is extensive and comprehensive, although unfortunately, there are significant gaps in what our services can offer, particularly those regarding technology advancement and patron privacy. Though library classes on educating patrons’ privacy protection are a valiant effort,  we can do so much more and lead the way, maybe not for the privacy industry but for our communities and patrons. Creating a strong foundational knowledge will help patrons leverage these new skills in their day to day lives as well as help them educate their families about common privacy issues. In this column, we’ll explore some of the ways libraries can utilize their current resources as well as provide ideas on how we can maximize their effectiveness and roll new technologies into their operations.




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