Harnessing the Power of OrCam

  • Mary Howard St. Clair County Library System


The OrCam reader is an AI enabled device that helps sight challenged readers to access print materials. This article is a first person account of a public library's experience in employing the OrCam technology.

Author Biography

Mary Howard, St. Clair County Library System

Mary Howard is a Reference Librarian at the St. Clair County Library System in Port Huron, MI. Her work focuses specifically on serving patrons who have vision, hearing or mobility issues that prevent them from using traditional library services. She has a passion for serving her community and she enjoys hosting crafting, cultural and educational events.

How to Cite
Howard, M. (2020). Harnessing the Power of OrCam. Information Technology and Libraries, 39(3). https://doi.org/10.6017/ital.v39i3.12637