Product Ownership of a Legacy Institutional Repository

A Case Study on Revitalizing an Aging Service


  • Mikala Narlock University of Notre Dame
  • Don Brower University of Notre Dame



Many academic libraries have developed and/or purchased digital systems over the years, including digital collection platforms, institutional repositories, and other online tools on which users depend. At Hesburgh Libraries, as with other institutions, some of these systems have aged without strong guidance and resulted in stale services and technology. This case study will explore the lengthy process of stewarding an aging service that satisfies critical external needs. Starting with a brief literature review and institutional context, the authors will examine how the current product owners have embraced the role of maintainers, charting a future direction by defining a clear vision for the service, articulating firm boundaries, and prioritizing small changes. The authors will conclude by reflecting on lessons learned and discussing potential future work, both at the institutional and professional level.


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