Gathering Strength to Combat Access Inequality

How a Small Rural Public Library Supported Virtual Access for Public School Students, Staff, and their Families

Keywords: virtual access, COVID-19


Nestled on the northern edge of Lake Ontario, Prince Edward County is home to a six branch public library system that is proud to have created a robust and vibrant relationship with the local school board. Through the lens of access, this article explores the steps taken by the public library to create meaningful connections with administrative staff on the school board level in order to bring practical training and resources to teachers and students in order to enhance and support their learning. 

Author Biography

Julie Lane

Julie Lane is the Technology Resource Centre Coordinator and Educational Resource Consultant for the County of Prince Edward Public Library and Archives in Ontario, Canada. She has been working in libraries for 7 years and has a background in administration, leadership development, and theatre. She holds degrees from McMaster and Brock Universities as well the Advancing Public Library Leadership certification through the Ontario Library Service.

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Lane, J. (2022). Gathering Strength to Combat Access Inequality. Information Technology and Libraries, 41(2).