Factors Affecting University Library Website Design

  • Yongi-Mi Kim University of Oklahoma


Existing studies have extensively explored factors that affect users’ intentions to use university library website resources (ULWR); yet little attention has been given to factors affecting university library website design. This paper investigates factors that affect university library website design and assesses the success of the university library website from both designers’ and users’ perspectives. The findings show that when planning a website, university web designers consider university guidelines, review other websites, and consult with experts and other divisions within the library; however, resources and training for the design process are lacking. While website designers assess their websites as highly successful, user evaluations are somewhat lower. Accordingly, use is low, and users rely heavily on commercial websites. Suggestions for enhancing the usage of ULWR are provided.

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Kim, Y.-M. (2011). Factors Affecting University Library Website Design. Information Technology and Libraries, 30(3). https://doi.org/10.6017/ital.v30i3.1768