Modeling a Library Web Site Redesign Process: Developing a User-Centered Web Site Through Usability Testing

  • Danielle A. Becker Hunter College Libraries East Building, Room E412 695 Park Avenue New York, NY 10065
  • Lauren Yannotta


This article presents a model for creating a strong, user-centered web presence by pairing usability testing and the design process. Four rounds of usability testing were conducted throughout the process of building a new academic library web site. Participants were asked to perform tasks using a talk-aloud protocol. Tasks were based on guiding principles of web usability that served as a framework for the new site. Results from this study show that testing throughout the design process is an effective way to build a web site that not only reflects user needs and preferences, but can be easily changed as new resources and technologies emerge.


Author Biography

Danielle A. Becker, Hunter College Libraries East Building, Room E412 695 Park Avenue New York, NY 10065
Assistant Professor/Web Librarian
Hunter College Libraries


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