Eclipse Editor for MARC Records

  • Bojana Dimić Surla University of Novi Sad


Editing bibliographic data is an important part of library information systems. In this paper we discuss existing approaches in developing of user interface for editing MARC records. There are two basic approaches, screen forms that support entering bibliographic data without knowledge of the MARC structure and direct editing of MARC records that is shown on the screen. The main result presented in the paper is Eclipse editor for MARC records that fully supports editing of MARC records. It is written in Java as Eclipse plug-in so it is platform-independent. It can be extended for using with any data store. At the end, the paper presents Rich Client Platform application made of MARC editor plug-in which can be used outside of Eclipse. The practical application of the results is integration of created Rich Client Platform application in BISIS library information system. 

Author Biography

Bojana Dimić Surla, University of Novi Sad
University Librarian
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Surla, B. D. (2012). Eclipse Editor for MARC Records. Information Technology and Libraries, 31(3), 65-75.