Crosswalking EAD: Collaboration in Archival Description

  • Amy McCrory
  • Beth M. Russell


Different library departments must work together, both formally and informally, in implementing encoded archival description and in repackaging descriptive information about archival collections to other formats, particularly machine-readable cataloging. The authors, one a technical services librarian and the other a special collections archivist, describe their experiences collaborating in these processes at The Ohio State University. Although other institutions may differ in their organizational structure, the authors hope to provide technical guidance, as well as a model of collaboration between archivists and technical services personnel. Careful dialogue and planning are essential to transcend the traditional divide between archival and library descriptive practices and systems.

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McCrory, A., & Russell, B. M. (2005). Crosswalking EAD: Collaboration in Archival Description. Information Technology and Libraries, 24(3), 99-106.