MARC Program Research and Development: A Progress Report

  • Henriette D. Avram
  • Alan S. Crosby
  • Jerry G. Pennington
  • John C. Rather
  • Lucia J. Rather
  • Arlene Whitmer


A description of some of the research and development activities at the Library of Congress to expand the capabilities of the MARC System. Gives details of the MARC processing format used by the Library and then describes programming work in three areas: 1) automatic tagging of data elements by format recognition programs; 2) file analysis by a statistical program called GENESIS; and 3) information retrieval using the MARC Retriever.

How to Cite
Avram, H. D., Crosby, A. S., Pennington, J. G., Rather, J. C., Rather, L. J., & Whitmer, A. (1969). MARC Program Research and Development: A Progress Report. Information Technology and Libraries, 2(4), 242-265.