The New York Public Library Automated Book Catalog Subsystem

  • S. Michael Malinconico
  • James A. Rizzolo


A comprehensive automated bibliographic control system has been developed by the New York Public Library. This system is unique in its use of an automated authority system and highly sophisticated machine filing algorithms. The primary aim was the rigorous control of established forms and their cross-reference structure. The original impetus for creation of the system, and its most highly visible product, is a photocomposed book catalog. The book catalog subsystem supplies automatic punctuation of condensed entries and contains the ability to pmduce cumulation/ supplement book catalogs in installments without loss of control of the crossreferencing structure.

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Malinconico, S. M., & Rizzolo, J. A. (1973). The New York Public Library Automated Book Catalog Subsystem. Information Technology and Libraries, 6(1), 3-36.