Mobile Website Use and Advanced Researchers: Understanding Library Users at a University Marine Sciences Branch Campus


This exploratory study examined the use of the Oregon State University Libraries website via mobile devices by advanced researchers at an off-campus branch location. Branch campus–affiliated faculty, staff, and graduate students were invited to participate in a survey to determine what their research behaviors are via mobile devices, including frequency of their mobile library website use and the tasks they were attempting to complete. Findings showed that while these advanced researchers do periodically use the library website via mobile devices, mobile devices are not the primary mode of searching for articles and books or for reading scholarly sources. Mobile devices are most frequently used for viewing the library website when these advanced researchers are at home or in transit. Results of this survey will be used to address knowledge gaps around library resources and research tools and to generate more ways to study advanced researchers’ use of library services via mobile devices.

Author Biographies

Mary J. Markland, Oregon State University

Assistant Professor

Head, Guin Library

Oregon State University Libraries and Press

Hannah Gascho Rempel, Oregon State University

Associate Professor

Science Librarian & Coordinator of Graduate Student Success Services

Oregon State University Libraries and Press

Laurie Bridges, Oregon State University

Associate Professor

Instruction and Outreach Librarian

Oregon State University Libraries and Press


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