Everyone’s Invited: A Website Usability Study Involving Multiple Library Stakeholders

  • Elena Azadbakht University of Southern Mississippi
  • John Blair University of Southern Mississippi
  • Lisa Jones University of Southern Mississippi


This article describes a usability study of the University of Southern Mississippi Libraries’ website conducted in early 2016. The study involved six participants from each of four key user groups – undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and library employees – and consisted of six typical library search tasks such as finding a book and an article on a topic, locating a journal by title, and looking up hours of operation. Library employees and graduate students completed the study’s tasks most successfully, whereas undergraduate students performed fairly simple searches and relied on the Libraries’ discovery tool, Primo. The study’s results identified several problematic features that impacted each user group, including library employees. This increased internal buy-in for usability-related changes in a later website redesign. 

Author Biographies

Elena Azadbakht, University of Southern Mississippi
Health and Nursing Librarian and Assistant Professor
John Blair, University of Southern Mississippi
Web Services Coordinator
Lisa Jones, University of Southern Mississippi
Head of Finance and Information Technology


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Azadbakht, E., Blair, J., & Jones, L. (2017). Everyone’s Invited: A Website Usability Study Involving Multiple Library Stakeholders. Information Technology and Libraries, 36(4), 34-45. https://doi.org/10.6017/ital.v36i4.9959