Vol 13, No 3 (2011)

Table of Contents


The Rise of Texts
Coleman Gay
White Power: An Analysis of Racial Tensions in “Crash”
Tori Goyette
Faisal Amin
Names, Memory, and Acceptance
Jenna LaConte
Promoting Prejudices: Stereotyped Depictions of Women in Ads
Han-sam Lee


Kelsey Todd

Documented Essay

Danny's Trials
Jeffrey Savarino
Bringing More Heat to Southeast Asia: Singapore’s Rise to Power
Leah Nees
The Story Behind Harry Potter's Magic
Jocelyn Lund-Wilde
Catholics and Condoms: Sexual Health Resources and Policies at Boston College
Erin Dromgoole


Cristian Lopez
Here I Am To Worship?
Liz Creamer


"We're Not": Why Not...?
Andrea Roman
Andrew L Wang
Trunks & Old Photos
Lauren Rever
Our Never-Ending Thanksgivings
Bridget Katherine Petitti
Icy Hands
Hannah Swaim
Judith Lupita Parra