Vol 12, No 2 (2009)

Table of Contents


The Open Road
Abby Hoyt
Final Explosion
Andrew Pike
Dancing Dinosaurs
Sean Casey
The Shift
Olga V. Doktorov
Adding Apples and Oranges
Daniel Polvino
Opposites Attract
Reynaldo Sylla


Kiltimagh and Therefore Me
Margaret M. Flatley
Emily Cornelius
My Lucky 100
Kendra Steele
The Caffeine Culture
Jasmine Mansouri


Exit Strategy
Katherine Galle
One Billion, Six Hundred Million Dollar Flowers
Michaela Morr
Freedom at Tenacity
Robin Phillips
Time for Them to Fly?
Ana Salvatore
Dove: Changing the Face of Beauty?
Katherine Froehlich
Ethics in The Darjeeling Limited
Ryan Folio
Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun
Jenny Choi
Beverly Chen
The Twilight Manifesto
Alexandra Francois

Documented Essay

Children Without Mothers
Sarah Kay Beck
Vegans and BC: A Budding Relationship
Peter A. Clabby
Hunting for a Solution
Kevin Guckian
A Loan Out of Poverty
Tara Sullivan
Plastic Containers To-Go
Amy Raposa
Monsanto's Rise to Power
Elizabeth Simonelli