Journal Sponsorship


The Boston College Center for International Higher Education brings an international consciousness to the analysis of higher education. We believe that an international perspective will contribute to enlightened policy and practice. To serve this goal, the Center publishes International Higher Education (a quarterly newsletter), a book series, and other publications; sponsors conferences; and welcomes visiting scholars. We have a special concern for academic institutions in the Jesuit tradition worldwide and, more broadly, with Catholic universities.

The Center promotes dialogue and cooperation among higher education researchers and leaders, as well as policymaking organizations and academic institutions throughout the world. We believe that the future depends on effective collaboration and the creation of an international community focused on the improvement of higher education in the public interest.

Center for International Higher Education


International Higher Education is sponsored by the Boston College Center for International Higher Education.

Sources of Support

In its early years, International Higher Education (IHE) received support from the Ford Foundation, enabling its initial launch and growth. Today, the publication and free dissemination of IHE is made possible thanks to generous support from the Carnegie Corporation. IHE is also indebted to the Boston College University Libraries for their administrative and technical assistance.

The leadership of Boston College, as well as the Lynch School of Education--and notably the Program in Higher Education Administration--have provided crucial support since the inception of the Center for International Higher Education.