New issue announcement: IHE issue #88


Dear Colleagues,

Our best wishes to you for 2017—a year that, alas, does not start out very auspiciously for the spirit of international cooperation.  Nonetheless, we hope that our work in the important area of higher education can, at least in a small way, contribute to enlightenment and global collaboration.  In that spirit, this issue of International Higher Education features articles on such matters as faculty mobility, branch campuses, and related issues. Special sections focus on Southeast Asia and on Christian higher education. 

As of this issue we will no longer include summaries of the content of new publications in a “Book Notes” section, but we will provide some basic details about new publications in a shorter “Books of Note” segment. As the number of new publications increases and information can easily be accessed online, we have decided to simply point readers to some of the latest publications, and in this way dedicate more space in IHE to original content.

Similarly, this issue will also be the last one in which we give a more elaborate update of news of the Center for International Higher Education. Instead, beginning in early 2017, we will circulate a short, focused monthly newsletter dedicated to the news of CIHE, in order to provide more regular updates on our activities, and at the same time allow for more space for articles in IHE.


All good wishes,

Philip G. Altbach, Editor
Hans de Wit and Laura E. Rumbly, Associate Editors 

Posted: 2017-01-17
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