Untapped Research Capacities? Mobility and Collaboration at the Intersection of International Development Aid and Global Science Regimes

Måns Fellesson, Paula Mählck


This article aims to offer some thoughts that go beyond mere bibliometric and scientometric evidence, by empirically and comparatively exploring the conditions for, and the experiences of research and international research collaboration of African PhD holders who graduated with support from development cooperation/aid. The article explores the constraints on research, international research mobility and collaboration, at the intersection of development cooperation and global science regimes. Taking Swedish development cooperation as an example, the article focuses on preconditions and constraints that scholars from Mozambique and Tanzania, in their current positions, experience in their research, with special attention on international mobility and cooperation.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.6017/ijahe.v4i1.9740

ISSN 2313-5069
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