Roundtable 2 Participants

Timothy P. Muldoon
Boston College

Mark Bosco, S.J.
Associate Professor of Theology
Director of the Hank Center for Catholic Intellectual Heritage
Loyola University Chicago
Laura Leming, F.M.I.
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work
University of Dayton
Julian Bourg
Associate Professor of Hisory
Boston College
Jonathan Mulrooney
Department Chair and Associate Professor of English
College of the Holy Cross
J. Steven Brown
Associate Professor of Engineering and Associate Dean of Engineering
The Catholic University of America
Laura Nichols
Associate Professor of Sociology
Santa Clara University
Colleen Mary Carpenter
Associate Professor of Theology
Sister Mona Riley Endowed Professor of the Humanities
St. Catherine University
Cyril P. Opeil, S.J.
Associate Professor of Physics
Boston College
Daniel K. Finn
Clemens Professor of Economics and the Liberal Arts
Professor of Theology
St. John's University
Christine Pharr
Vice President for Academic Affairs
College of Saint Mary
Kristin E. Heyer
Professor of Theology
Department of Theology

Boston College
Michael G. Pratt
O'Connor Family Professor of Management and Organization
Boston College
Mary Hirschfeld
Assistant Professor of Economics and Theology
Villanova University