Fall 2013 Roundtable

Dear Friend,

I am pleased to share with you the second volume of Integritas, a new journal designed to capture the content, creativity, and tensions of a unique exploration of mission within Catholic higher education.  

At Boston College, the desire persists to continually explore new ways of engaging faculty in conversation about mission, the value of Catholic higher education, and the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition.  This quest led to an initiative launched in April 2013 entitled The Boston College Roundtable: Advancing the Mission of Catholic Higher Education.  The Roundtable brings together scholars from eleven Catholic colleges and universities and a broad range of academic disciplines who engage in discussion about the mission of Catholic higher education as experienced in the contemporary context.  Integritas is the published outcome of the Roundtable.

Over the course of four meetings, members of the Roundtable explore through writing and conversation how a faith-based, value-laden school can enrich academic freedom and student learning, ultimately leading to the formation of a more wholly integrated human person.

The Roundtable met for the second time on November 1-3, 2013. The theme was The Transcendent Value of the Liberal Arts, and the results of the conversation are contained in Volume 2 of Integritas. Volume 1 on The Role of Charism and Hospitality in Catholic Colleges and Universities can be found online at www.bc.edu/integritas

Does a university or college built on the Catholic expression of faith and its rich intellectual tradition add value to the educational enterprise?  The goal is for these essays to work their way into broader conversations among deans and faculty, senior administrators, and mission officers at our respective institutions.  The Roundtable provides a new model for conversation, and it is our hope that the essays—individually or collectively— will provide a springboard for further conversations and broader engagement.  

Thank you for your interest in Integritas.  Stories of the how the journal is being put to use can be found on the website.  I hope you will share this publication with those who might be interested in participating in this important conversation.  

Lisa M. Hastings

Director, The Integritas Project



VOL 2, NO 1 (2013): Get Rich U or Get Transformed U

VOL 2, NO 2 (2013): Friendship and Contemplation

VOL 2, NO 3 (2013): The Making of the Modern Core