Academic Uses of Google Earth and Google Maps in a Library Setting

Eva Dodsworth, Andrew Nicholson


Over the last several years, Google Earth and Google Maps have been adopted by many academic institutions as an academic research and mapping tool. The authors were interested in discovering how popular the Google mapping products are in the academic library setting. A survey was conducted to establish the mapping products’ popularity, and type of use in an academic library setting. Results show that over 90% of the respondents use Google Earth and Google Maps either to help answer research questions, to create and access finding aids, for instructional purposes or for promotion and marketing. The authors recommend expanding the mapping product’s user base to include all reference and liaison librarians.

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A list of McGill Library’s air photo indexes can be viewed at (last accessed September 8, 2011)

McMaster University Library Map Index can be found at, (last accessed September 8, 2011).

The Brock University Historical Air Photo Collection can be accessed at: (last accessed September 8, 2011).

The Yale University Sanborn Indexes can be found at (last accessed September 8, 2011).

The University of Vermont Library’s Google Map can be found at: (last accessed September 8, 2011)

The Cleveland Memory Project can be found at: (last accessed September 8, 2011)

The University of Waterloo Map Library website can be found at: (last accessed September 8, 2011).

The University of North Carolina Library provides interactive maps at (last accessed September 8, 2011).

The University of Connecticut Library offers GIS files online here: (last accessed September 8, 2011).

Campus Map examples include: Yale University Library at Example maps for Library locations on campus include: Brock University Library, University of North Carolina, (All accessed on September 8, 2011).



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