A Book Catalog at Stanford

Richard D. Johnson


Description of a system for the production of a book catalog for an undergraduate library, using an IBM 1401 Computer (12K storage, 4 tape drives), an expanded print chain on the 1403 Printer, and an 029 Card Punch for input. Described are the conversion of cataloging information into machine readable form, the machine record produced, the computer programs employed, and printing of the catalog. The catalog, issued annually, is in three parts: an author & title catalog, a subject catalog, and a shelf list. Cumulative supplements are issued quarterly. A central idea in the depiction of entries in the catalog is the abandonment of the main entry concept. The alphabetical arrangement of entries is discuessed: sort keys employed, filing order observed, symbols employed to alter this order, and problems encountered. Cost factors involved in the preparation of the catalog are summarized.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.6017/ital.v1i1.2923


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