A Computer System for Effective Management of a Medical Library Network

Richard E. Nance, W. Kenneth Wickham, Maryann Duggan


TRIPS (TALON Reporting and Information Processing System) is an interactive software system for generating reports to NLM on regional medical library network activity and constitutes a vital part of a network management information system (NEMIS) for the South Central Regional Medical Library Program. Implemented on a PDP-lOfSRU 1108 interfaced system, TRIPS accepts paper tape input describing network transactions and generates output statistics on disposition of requests, elapsed time for completing filled requests, time to clear unfilled requests, arrival time distribution of requests by day of month, and various other measures of activity andjor performance. Emphasized in the TRIPS design are flexibility, extensibility, and system integrity. Processing costs, neglecting preparation of input which may be accomplished in several ways, are estimated at $.05 per transaction, a transaction being the transmittal of a message from one library to another.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.6017/ital.v4i4.5598


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