Examining the Feasibility and Effect of Transitioning GED Tests to Computer

Jennifer Higgins, Margaret Becker Patterson, Martha Bozman, Michael Katz


This study examined the feasibility of administering GED tests using a computer based testing system with embedded accessibility tools and the impact on test scores and test-taker experience when GED tests are transitioned from paper to computer. Nineteen test centers across five states successfully installed the computer based testing program, followed the research protocol, and transmitted testing data with minimal issues, providing evidence of the feasibility of administering GED tests on computer. Two hundred and sixteen GED candidates participated in the research by completing two GED mathematics practice test forms and a survey. Participants completed the first form on paper and were randomly assigned to take the second form on computer or paper. The survey asked students to report demographic information, information about their use of computers, and their preference for using a computer to take tests. Regression analyses showed that participants were neither advantaged nor disadvantaged by taking the GED mathematics test on computer. This finding also holds true after accounting for student’s reported computer use and preference for taking tests on computer.


feasibility; GED; GED Tests; Computer; assessment

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