Comparability of Computer and Paper-and-Pencil Versions of Algebra and Biology Assessments

Do-Hong Kim, Huynh Huynh


This study examined comparability of student scores obtained from computerized and paper-and-pencil formats of the large-scale statewide end-of-course (EOC) examinations in the two subject areas of Algebra and Biology. Evidence in support of comparability of computerized and paper-based tests was sought by examining scale scores, item parameter estimates, test characteristic curves, test information functions, Rasch ability estimates at the content domain level, and the equivalence of the construct. Overall, the results support the comparability of computerized and paper-based tests at the item-level, subtest-level and whole test-level in both subject areas. For both subject areas, no evidence was found to suggest that the administration mode changed the construct being measured.


Computer-based testing; online testing; statewide assessment; Algebra; Biology; End-of-Course examinations; technology; assessment; pencil; PPT; CBT

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