Heschel’s View of Religious Diversity

Harold Kasimow


A number of prominent Christian theologians who have contemplated the issue of religious diversity speak of three major models for approaching it: exclusivist, inclusivist, and pluralist. Claiming that “diversity of religions is the will of God,” Abraham Joshua Heschel was certainly no exclusivist. But he also was neither a pluralist nor an inclusivist in the way these terms are commonly used by Christian theologians. Much like the Dalai Lama’s perspective on Buddhism vis-à -vis other religions, Heschel’s distinctive Jewish approach to religious diversity transcended the categories created by Christian scholars.


Keywords: Heschel; God; religious diversity; interfaith relations; exclusivism; inclusivism; pluralism; Dalai Lama

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.6017/scjr.v2i2.1419