Mystērion is Boston College’s leading source of undergraduate theological scholarship. Though managed by Boston College students, Mystērion provides the opportunity for undergraduates around the world to contribute to theological discourse.

Mystērion's scope encompasses Biblical Studies, Historical Theology, Comparative Theology, Systematic Theology, and Theological Ethics. The journal also welcomes submissions that highlight the interdisciplinary nature of theological study and the many ways in which an undergraduate education raises important questions about God, self, and society. 

"Mystērion," or "hidden things," has been used traditionally in Jewish and Christian circles to refer to the secrets of God that are revealed to humanity. Not only is Mystērion predicated on the presupposition that all theological endeavors revolve around "hiding things," but the journal's name is also an honor to long-time Boston College Professor of Theology Fr. Michael Himes, Ph.D., who frequently refers to God in his lectures (and his latest book), as "a Sovereign Mystery."