Reflections on the Inaugural Volume of Mystērion

Demonstrated Interest, Future Possibilities

  • Dennis J. Wieboldt III Boston College
Keywords: Evangelii gaudium, Ex corde Ecclesiae, Catholic higher education, Interreligious dialogue, Boston College


Volume I, Issue II of Mystērion: The Theology Journal of Boston College features eight original essays from undergraduate students at Boston College, Marquette University, Santa Clara University, and Yale University. The articles focus on Saint Augustine’s mysticism; ecological suffering; the liturgical status of Holy Saturday; the Parable of the Lost Sheep; the relationship between intersectionality, genocide, and Catholic Social Teaching; a Catholic response to college hookup culture; Latin American femicide; and Islamic-Christian reconciliation in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In light of this journal’s goal to highlight the diverse theological perspectives of undergraduate authors, Wieboldt briefly reflects on Mystērion's inaugural volume and engages with each of this issue’s contributors to pose further questions that might help enrich readers’ encounters with these authors.