Migration and the Challenges of (Secular) Liberalism

An Opportunity for Renewed Theological Reflection?


  • Dennis J. Wieboldt III Boston College


Migration, Liberalism, Red Mass, John C. Ford, William J. Kenealy, Boston College


Volume II, Issue I of Mystērion: The Theology Journal of Boston College features four original essays from undergraduate students at Boston College, Saint Anselm College, and Bowdoin College. These essays engage various themes in the recently published Christianity and the Law of Migration (Routledge, 2021). In his final note as Mystērion's editor in-chief, Wieboldt contextualizes the impetus for this special issue and suggests that the challenges posed by (secular) political liberalism offer an opportunity for renewed theological reflection. He further suggests that the necessity of theological reflection in the United States can be identified in inter- and post-World War II approaches to articulating 'fundamental human rights.'