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Vol 12 No 1 (2022): Bellarmine Law Society Review


In the first issue of the Bellarmine Law Society Review’s twelfth volume, three undergraduate contributors explore a range of topical issues through the lens of legal analysis. First, Rose Kiefer analyzes the impact of U.S. boardroom gender quotas in the workplace, incorporating facets of legal, economic, and social theory to examine the future efficacy of these policies. In our second article, Grace Mendes presents a thorough study of energy legislation and the energy market through a focused consideration of California’s history with renewable technologies, especially solar power. Finally, Christopher Siegert surveys the history of the Writ of Habeas Corpus and its relevance to the federal government’s past usage of the Suspension Clause. As always, many thanks are due to each of these accomplished and capable authors for their rigorous research and the insight that their articles provide on a diversity of legal issues. 

Published: 2022-04-29

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Welcome to the Bellarmine Law Society Review.

The BLSR is Boston College’s premier source of undergraduate scholarship relating to the law. Although the BLSR is supported and managed by Boston College students, it provides the opportunity for undergraduates across the U.S. to contribute to national legal discourse.

The Boston College Bellarmine Law Society, which sponsors the BLSR, is a student organization founded over thirty years ago with the intention of providing resources and information to prepare students for law school. The society is named after St. Roberto Francesco Romolo Bellarmino (1542-1621), a Jesuit theologian and defender of the Roman Catholic Church.

Whether you are an author, researcher, librarian, or otherwise interested reader, I hope the BLSR is an informative and engaging source for further legal study.


Rebecca Shan, Editor In-Chief