The Role of Socioeconomic Status in the College Admissions Process

  • Taline Ratanjee Boston College
Keywords: SES, College Admissions Process, Grutter, Bakke


Policy regarding college admissions has always worked to achieve equality within the admissions processes. Cases like California vs Bakke (1978) establish legislature regarding what is considered constitutional within the admissions process. Colleges claim that socioeconomic status is not involved in the admissions process, yet it is never truly excluded. Colleges know the SES of a student based off specific extracurriculars and if attendance of a public vs private high school. Colleges further advertise to students of specific SES groups, and high tuition cost can future exclude low SES students, resulting in lack of equality within the admissions. This paper works to explore legislature outlining the college admissions process and provide recommendations to eliminate biases that still exist within the college admissions process.

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