Discrimination on Gender Binary Campuses

Investigating The Experiences of Transgender College Students

  • Wenny


In recent years, transgender people have both grown in numbers and visibility in the united states. However, the issue of discrimination against transgender people has been a serious and widespread phenomenon in today's society. This paper discusses the transgender issues at large and how the issues negatively affect transgender students' college experiences in a variety of ways, including but not limited to institutions' failure to include "gender identity" in their nondiscrimination policies. The evidence from scholarly sources also suggests that religiously affiliated, single-sex and two-year colleges typically offer few protections for transgender students. Finally, the paper will examine institutions' past initiatives on the subject matter and provide recommendations for institutions to create a more gender-friendly environmnent.

Author Biography


Wei(Wenny) Xu is currently a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience at Boston College. She was born in China and went to high school in New Jersey. In college, she wishes to further explore her academic interests while continuing to enact positive changes to the community. She loves to study anything related to the brain and plans on going to graduate school after college. In her free time, she enjoys eating, singing, reading, volunteering, watching movies or anime, and traveling.

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Xu, W. (2021). Discrimination on Gender Binary Campuses. Elements, 15(1), 53-58. https://doi.org/10.6017/eurj.v16i1.14063