China: A World Leader in Graduation Rates

  • Julian Marioulas
Keywords: Bachelor's degree, China, corruption, graduation, student recruitment


Graduation rates at higher education institutions in China are among the highest worldwide. Faculty and administration avoid weeding out low-performing students for a plethora of reasons. This can have an adverse effect on student performance, especially at colleges with low entry requirements. It also enables corruption in the admissions process. The author argues that graduation, being almost guaranteed, is acting as an impediment to the further development of Chinese universities.

Author Biography

Julian Marioulas

Julian Marioulas is a PhD candidate at the Department of East Asian
Studies, University of Vienna, Austria, and teaches German at the
School of Foreign Languages, East China University of Science and
Technology, China. 

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Marioulas, J. (2017). China: A World Leader in Graduation Rates. International Higher Education, (90), 28-29.
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