Higher Education and the SDGs in Africa

More of the Same?

  • Damtew Teferra University of Kwazulu–Natal
Keywords: SDGs, MDGs, Africa, Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA), university associations, Addis Ababa Action Agenda


There has been much talk about the increased focus on higher education in the Sustainable Development Goals. Yet, when compared with the preceding Millennium Development Goals, the new framework actually includes very few references to higher education. Africa would do better to focus its development efforts around other, more relevant, local and regional policies, which recognize the crucial role of higher education in development.

Author Biography

Damtew Teferra, University of Kwazulu–Natal

Damtew Teferra is professor of higher education at the University of Kwazulu–Natal and founding director of the
International Network for Higher Education in Africa at www.inhea.org. E-mail: teferra@bc.edu or teferra@ukzn.ac.za.

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