UK’s Turing Scheme

The Challenges Ahead

  • José M. Guibert University of Deusto
  • Alex Rayón University of Deusto
Keywords: Turing scheme, higher education, international student mobility, Erasmus, United Kingdom


Brexit supporters did not like the Erasmus student mobility exchange program. During the past three decades, Erasmus has helped students, especially those from low-income backgrounds who are the least likely to travel internationally, to gain better employment and improve their skills thanks to their study abroad experiences. Will the new Turing scheme, devised by the British government, be able to provide students with the same benefits? 

Author Biographies

José M. Guibert, University of Deusto

José M. Guibert is rector of the University of Deusto, Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. Email:

Alex Rayón, University of Deusto

Alex Rayón is vice-rector for international relations at the University of Deusto. Email:

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