Graduates Brace for the Toughest Job Market

  • Ying Lu Beihang University
  • Yuan Gao Beihang University
Keywords: China, job market, global economy, COVID-19, job-seekers, university graduates


COVID-19 is posing grave challenges to higher education graduates seeking employment in a job market that has been severely impacted. How will countries cope to help new graduates brace for what is now a very tough job market? China has put in place a number of initiatives to provide both short-term and long-term solutions, and higher education institutions will have to play a key role. 

Author Biographies

Ying Lu, Beihang University

Ying Lu is deputy director of the International Division and associate research fellow in higher education, Beihang University, China. Email:

Yuan Gao, Beihang University

Yuan Gao is head of Global Partnerships of the International Division and a PhD candidate at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Beihang University, China. E-mail:

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