A Decade of Reforms (2010–2020)

  • Marek Kwiek University of Poznan
Keywords: Poland, internationalization of research, vertical stratification, excellence program, quantification of research output, university reforms


A decade of reforms has changed almost every aspect of university functioning. Poland has moved from privatization to deprivatization and from deinstitutionalization to reinstitutionalization of the research mission of its universities. The research internationalization agenda has led to introducing quantitative, research-focused indicators and new funding and assessment systems. However, the system of incentives to internationalize Polish research has so far proved to be ineffective. These reforms were pursued in politically turbulent times.

Author Biography

Marek Kwiek, University of Poznan

Marek Kwiek is professor of higher education and chairholder, UNESCO Chair in Institutional Research and Higher Education Policy, and director of the Center for Public Policy Studies of the University of Poznan, Poland. Email: kwiekm@amu.edu.pl.

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