Scotch Quality

The Distinctiveness of Scottish Higher Education

  • Neil Kemp Council for Education in the Commonwealth
  • William Lawton
Keywords: Scotland, distinctive higher education, public good, collaborative ethos, internationalization, research partnerships, Brexit


Since the establishment of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, the distinctiveness of Scotland’s higher education system within the United Kingdom and internationally has increased. Scotland has carved out a space in higher education that reflects its distinct political culture. Aspects of this distinctiveness revolve around Scottish conceptions of the public good and policy making defaulted to finding collaborative solutions to local, national, and global problems.

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Neil Kemp, Council for Education in the Commonwealth

Neil Kemp OBE is an international higher education consultant and researcher, and board member, Council for Education in the Commonwealth. Email:

William Lawton

William Lawton is a higher education consultant based in London, UK. Email:

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