German Universities Woo International Students

  • Simon Morris-Lange SVR Migration
  • Cornelia Schu SVR Migration
Keywords: Germany, shrinking enrollments, international student recruitment, transition to work market


In Germany, universities in certain areas are facing challenges due to shrinking domestic enrollments. Other universities across Germany and in other European countries will soon be confronted with the same problems. Universities and their partners should provide international students with more flexible options for accessing higher education, as well as relevant support during their studies and in their transition from study to work.

Author Biographies

Simon Morris-Lange, SVR Migration

Simon Morris-Lange is deputy head of the Research Unit, SVR Migration, Germany. E-mail: morris-lange@svr-migration. de.

Cornelia Schu, SVR Migration

Cornelia Schu is managing director at SVR Migration. E-mail:

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